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Offshore Structures Construction, Inspection, Maintenance, and Engineering

Over the years, All-Sea Group has formed strategic alliances with various vessel owners, we have developed a broad network for available selection of different subsea pipelay and subsea construction vessels. Present to strengthen All-Sea's ability on the high-growth subsea market and respond to increasing demands which are evolving towards developments requiring high technology vessels, All-Sea has announced major investments in construction vessels as part of its fleet development strategies this year.

Underwater Construction

All-Sea Group’s activities cover the installation of WYE Piece, PLEM/Manifold, Concrete mattresses/ mud-mat, spool installation ,umbilical/flexible cable laying. All-Sea Group offers a broad range of services in engineering, installation and underwater construction and integrated solutions for deepwater and field developments from design through to installation.

  • DSV Bourbon Evolution 805: ROV SMD Atom
  • DSV ShenQianHao: SMD Quantum 18, SMD Quantum 19 and Seaeye
  • DSV HYSY289 (Skandi Bergen): Schilling HD and Schilling UHD
  • DB HuaXiCun: SMD Quantum 13
  • DB HuaTianLong”: SMD Quantum 14
  • DSV Crest Odyssey: SMD Qusar
Dry Welding with All-Sea Exclusive Underwater Habitat

Permanent CLASS APPROVED underwater weld repairs were thought to be IMPOSSIBLE until Subsea Global Solutions pioneered the certification process. Class approved permanent repair processes are established using underwater wet welding, atmospheric dry welding or hyperbaric dry welding for permanent repairs to incidental hull damage below water line. With an in-house Engineering department including Weld Engineers and Structural Engineers a repair procedure detailing the process of repair to be employed is develop upfront for pre-approval by insurance underwriters or Classification Societies. Subsea Global Solutions ensures a permanent repair is achieved on time where ever or whenever required.